Democrats Obstructing Cabinet Nominations Approval Process


In 2009 a bipartisan Senate approved seven of Barack Obama’s cabinet members in rapid succession on his first day as president.


chuck-schumerChuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York warned Republicans that his caucus was prepared to do battle over all controversial nominations.

“We intend to have a full and rigorous debate on the presidents remaining nominees.”


The harsh reality is, Democrats can’t put off final votes indefinitely because Republicans hold 52 seats in the Senate and a simple majority of 51 votes is needed to confirm most presidential nominations. Democrats, however, are able to use several procedural tactics to slow down the confirmation process. Of course, this could be an effort to slow down the momentum that newly elected, President Trump already has with his new Conservative efforts.

The average person may ask the question, “What’s the big deal about rushing Nominees through the process?”  There are many agenda items the new Administration would like to move forward.  A delay of Cabinet Members could actually slow down the start of the new Conservative agenda by President Trump.

With Democrats ramping up their efforts to cast doubt on Nominees, it has become a “slow walk” in confirming new Cabinet Members.  Republicans have said they are not planning to delay any hearings. Thanks to a rules change imposed by Democrats in 2013, it will take only 51 votes to confirm each nominee rather than the usual 60.


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